Euchee (Yuchi) Tribe 
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yUdjEha nAnô sô KAnAnô  ~ "We Euchees, we are still Here"
Who we are
The Euchee(Yuchi) tribal community and council members have been dedicated to the accomplishment and furtherance of the Tribe's many goals. One of our more important goals is to educate those interested about our: Language, Culture and History. Achieving these goals will allow us as a Tribe to continue to exist.

Our primary goal is to promote well-being, culture and self-sufficiency, so it is of high importance to our survival as Euchee (Yuchi) people that we to sustain our identity. By supporting our people’s customs and annual ceremonies we are doing so. In conjunction with the personal growth of our Tribe, another goal becomes important. The goal to develop and implement long-term strategies for the overall social and economic development of our tribe. 

Currently we are pursuing our goal of obtaining federal recognition. Federal recognition would allow our Tribe to be eligible for federal funding. This funding would allow the Tribe to seek business opportunities that would increase our ability to be socioeconomically independent both as a people and a Tribe.
Timpoochee Barnard
Euchee "Yuchi" Military Leader: 1814
Tribal Council 

Steve Brown

Sand Creek
Amy Yargee
Esther Yargee

Duck Creek
Phillip Wilson
Felix Brown

At-Large Representatives
Andrew Skeeter
​Clinton Sago

Appointment\Selection of Tribal Council Members

The ceremonial grounds were historically, the governing structure for most affairs of the Euchee (Yuchi) Community. Today, there are still (3) three remaining ceremonial grounds. The Euchee (Yuchi) Tribal Council is chosen from this historical structure.

Two Council members shall be appointed from the three Euchee\Yuchi Ceremonial Grounds: Polecat Creek, Duck Creek, and Sand Creek by the current Chiefs and\or Committees of each Ceremonial Ground, in accordance with each Ceremonial Grounds decision making process. There will initially be two members from each ground authorized, who are Euchee\Yuchi by blood, along with three at-large members who are selected by the representatives from the Euchee\Yuchi ceremonial grounds. The three at-large will be tribal members by blood of the Euchee tribal community.

ChairmanAndrew Skeeter
Vice-Chairman- Don Cahwee
Secretary-Steve Brown

Constitution comments were received and have been implemented into the second draft. It has been printed so please come by the office and pick up your copy.
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